the dream where even though you've been done with school for years you have to go back to school because of a class you forgot about

made for bitsy unfinished business jam

bitsy is by adam le doux

bitsy 3d is by aloelazoe

made with a twine bitsy template by freya c.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
TagsBitsy, Dreams, Horror, nightmare, Short


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how do i make that 3d camera in bitsy3d

tf what am i playing as bro!

True honestly

when will he get a regular dream

so dreamlike <3_<3 the pacing is genius especially the transition to 3D and the calendar part was tooo real !

Thank you for the game!

Great use of palette swaps to indicate transition from a dream to reality. The colors are very interesting too: brown and purple is an unusual combination and looks, unlike any school I've been to. It creates a sense of strangeness. Character design is funny! I think it was interesting how her shape was mirrored by some of the backgrounds as if to highlight that it all was happening in her head.

The gameplay was surprisingly varied for the Bitsy game. Switch to 3D looked especially impressive, although it was unclear that I had to press enter to be able to move in it. 

Writing helped build up the anxiety very effectively! I immediately recognized this kind of dream by the kinds of thoughts you might have in your head during it. 

Overall the experience was jarring, but I feel like this was the intention of the game: to create a strange atmosphere of a nonsensical nightmare.

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Thank you for the game!

I was impressed with how 3d was built into the 2D game as a part to increase immersion. I was looking on everything from above, and suddenly this scary boring school-maze is surrounding me. This was impressive! Time segments ('one more week', 'and another week') shown through player's movement from one object ti another in the 2D world are very palpable. Limited movement and animations of the Bitsy character has done well for the game.

Same strange pixel faces have reminded me of my class- mates faces. Just as in life every face makes you think about a detached, silent person, these faces presented parts of character's emotions. Together everything told the story perfectly. 

What didn't I like? First. It seems to me that lilac and sandy colors do not combine very well, and also do not convey the atmosphere of a dream about "groundhog day" at school. Also, the balance of white in the purple color is much lower than in the sandy one, because of it characters looked ghostly. And secondly, I did not quite understand, these sprites or objects that cannot be reached, was it planned that way, or is it a bug?

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this is really good!! i loved the handful of bits of dialogue that kind of loop and get broken the way dreams sometimes do!! that's so clever!!

thank u!!

Dont get it 

i made a video of you game but youtube automatically age restricted it. idk why. good game though.

I love the creepy absurdism and dreamlike atmosphere. Nice work! 

A+ and a passing grade from me.

thanks gus C: