the first ever video game with a real person inside it...

you can talk to me, go on a lovely walk with me, hug me... just please, please dont hurt me uwu

music stolen from geocities midi collection (16bedec.mid & youdbesonictocomhmto.mid)

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this is possibly the game ever

Aaaaaaa this was very cute and nice, thank you for making and sharing it.


^_^ glad you enjoyed


This game made me feel really good! :) <3 What a sweet game. I found it from your tarot reading game and I have to say I love the way you use your voice in your games so far-- it's very candid and kind and gives the games personality that feels very Real. (which of course makes sense since these are the first ever games with real people inside them!!!) ;) I also love the visuals! :D They make me feel inspired to maybe make a game or at least go work on my website! 


Heartwarming. And thank you. Just moved into residence and starting my first year at university now and needed this. Will be coming back whenever I have a stressful day :)))


1 : wow i remember this character from tinybird dot zone
2 : OMG somehow you found a midi used in prismCorp virtual enterprises

I'll find the track later >_<


YES its millenium cinemas... it was intentional lol... i went hunting for it... im so happy somebody recognized it omg


The atmosphere in this game is fantastic. Love it!! CC



mechanic-minimal walking sim?

ms paint collage aesthetics?

tastes like nostalgia?

I'm sold!!


Had some trouble navigating back to main game from options menu. Other than that 10/10 for weirdness, atmosphere, and thoughtful attention put into the sprite's butt.