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some thoughts about an old video game and game maker and playing games as a young child

for kritiqal forgotten games essay jam

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TagsCrime, LGBT


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it's a cool essay :)

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1 another great essay thats both informative and personal... I guess I have similar memories, not really understanding wrestling etc
2 shout out to john paizs

3 on firefox i cant seem to get back to the beginning even closing the browser


thanks for the kind words... i will take a look at fixing this at some point, has some really weird bugs


great game. it's cool to see someone with the same feelings i have. i never played crime life but i have a similar experience with gta. the only criticism i have is that you cant replay the game (i missed some text at the end)


nevermind i figured out that if i completely close the browser i can restart so congrats on making the perfect game


I also like to fly outside the sky and into the void


I love it!


bruh I cant acces the game


sorry. i guess not everyone is fit to live a life of crime

nah its ok I got the download version crime life 3

im waiting for remastered