The fall semester at UofX, 2003.

Two graduate students gather to speak with an angel girl.

Meanwhile, the ties that bind three women tighten and twist.

Only files remain. Trace your fingers around the circle carefully.

Click to navigate menus. Advance text by clicking or pressing space. Control volume by clicking and dragging the music visualizer.
Content Warnings (click)
gender dysphoria, transphobia, illness, needles/blood, assault


a gifpunk angel VN

~25-30 minutes in length

music by bagenzo and fotocopiadora

made with spectacles engine

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(62 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsLesbian, Narrative, Queer, Singleplayer, Transgender
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Incredible writing, and the UI adds something cheerful and sinister. That last "I can hold you if you want" repeated hit me hard. I really enjoyed this


I just wanted to tell you thank you for making this. It's fantastic stuff and I am so glad I got to play it.


Thank you for making this. I'm not entirely sure I understand the ending or even if the player is meant to have a concrete understanding of what comes next - hell, I'm not even sure if some of the characters being angels is meant to be taken literally or is meant to be taken as something that the unknown character at the start who may or may not have edited any of this might have changed in order to get at the emotional truth of something that can't quite hit right when expressed in plain words - but I really want to thank you for talking about care and obligation in a nuanced and humane way.

People can definitely burn themselves out trying to help others, especially when everyone involved is falling apart on the outskirts of a society that doesn't really care about them, but the strain of thought where you should cut people off when their problems are too difficult to deal with and they'll probably be okay anyway because something something professional help... it's ignorant, and it's cruel, and the people who say these things are often very quick to change their tune when they're the ones who want something. There's no easy solution to the cycle of caretaking and burnout among people who have very little to give but almost definitely won't be saved by anyone except each other, and I came away from this story thinking that maybe the more sympathetic characters could've made a few choices differently, but the reasons things ended this way had a lot more to do with who and what the rest of society values than with anything these characters did.

I don't know if that's what you wanted people to take away from this, but as someone who's been all three of the angel characters at different times to different people, it rang very true.


A really great game! It felt a bit eerie at the end which was kinda cool and what red and blue did was..weird. I really felt for charity at the: "Just a parody of a woman" part, love the game!


i love this ...a lot thank you so much for this


woah- i enjoyed this a lot more then i thought i would, you did an awesome job with the visuals and story


Oh wow this was extremely good


damn, this is great.


Its weird, its beautiful and it is melancholic. I like it!

ow. (In a good way). This story was so well written and relatable. I was hoping for another epilogue for closure, but it feels right to leave it where it was. Beautiful graphics an story telling.

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Red and blue are jerks


This is amazing, I loved this game so much.


I am not an English speaker, so I played the game while translating, but it had a great atmosphere because the music and the various images on the screen, as well as the chat logs, made it more immersive.

I like Connected a lot, whether it's communication, mental or instrumental!

I made a video of the game, but when I first played it, I downloaded it from the itch app, so the music didn't come out right (I realized halfway through and replayed the web version), and it took longer than normal to play because I had to translate the game while playing.

Fascinating. It was really cool with all the visual presentation, UI and music. The story isn't anything particularly, but the way it was told really made this soar to some great heights.

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Goodness...This was intense. Not sure what else to say at the moment. I'm glad I read it. Thanks for making.


so good

it got me emotional, the story telling through files/bits and pieces is very creative, and the visuals were top notch, I liked the textures of red and blue especially

amazing!!!  O :3 



Gorgeous y2k internet aesthetics and an absolutely heartbreaking story ... felt my heart clench reading. amazing job <3


Thank you for this game. The presentation is beautiful. the story is... strong. little broken things. I'll have to revisit this sometime.


^_^ thank u mariken