cave story sex rpg* 2007

*: ( note for players less familiar with video games: "RPG" is a popular video game genre and stands for "Reassignment to Pretty Girl". you can read more about it here )

bitsy color + is by aury system

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I thought this was going to be a joke like haha funny sex but no, even being relatively new to adulting this hit close to home. I would recommend the read, also if the screen is ever black just keep pressing the confirm key.


Ah, seems I've been stabbed


wher the sex at :c

(+3) no head?

n-no....... :(((((


*proceeds to smash phone*

This spoke to me. I loved Cave Story as a kid, and everything you wrote was poignant. Thank you for making this!

hmm i dunno


God it's been so long since I played cave story... I feel like the music put me in exactly the right nostalgic headspace for the what the story's conveying


love this, cant wait for cave story sex rpg 2008


This is great stuff! Truly one of those games that proves to me that videogames are art. Autobiography mixed with a parody/fangame of a game continuing the story.

Only trouble I had was figuring out the controls, but that was the normal struggle you had when playing old flash games way back then. <3


This reminds me of Beginner's Guide on a meta level. Like, I feel like I just read someone's diary.


this was stupid


cave story sex rpg 2007


finally somebody gets it


This is great, and resonated a lot with me.


me too...

sort of 😅